This Little Light of mine

I’m always looking for ways to bring the Lord into my crafts. This cute DIY brings a classic tune into the mix, and reminds us to keep our light shining for Him in a world that can seem so dark.

  • Supplies
  • Any surface of your liking. I’m using a small cutting board similar to those at DT
  • Song sheet printable. I found a free version by google search
  • Watercolor paints, or colored pencils- I don’t recommend acrylic paint for this, as it will cover up the text on the song sheet. If you don’t mind that, then by all means, use them. I was looking for a more transparent coverage for this piece.
  • Large popsicle stick (optional) Used for tracing
  • Ripped fabric or Ribbon of choice for bow
  • Button for embellishment (optional)
  • Jute
  • Mod Podge or glue
  • Hot Glue
  • Brown paint or antique wax- this will give it a nice antique or vintage feel

STEP 1 Grab your surface and give it a coat of paint or antique wax. This is going to give it a nice antique or vintage feel

STEP 2 Search the internet for free song sheet printable, or purchase one from Etsy. They are super inexpensive, and often times you will get a bundle.

STEP 3 Cut your printable to fit the front of your surface. I like to either trace around it, or create creases where I want to cut.

STEP 4 This step is optional, but I like to use some water and a paint brush to to around the edges of my image to make a feathery effect. All you do is trace the edge with water, and start pulling it off. Don’t wait to long, as the water will continually bleed into your image, and you may rip off too much. This technique also helps create a more vintage or weathered look

STEP 5 Draw a candle freehand, or use a popsicle stick to get you started. Center the stick at the bottom of the song sheet with the rounded edge at the top and trace around it. Then draw the wick coming from the top of the edge, followed by a teardrop shape over the wick. Don’t worry about perfection

STEP 6 Using your watercolor or colored pencils, start adding color to your candle. Use whatever color you wish to bring your creation to life. I chose to go around the edges with some brown paint so it would make a little frame and make a more rustic antique vibe. Dry completely before moving on.

STEP 7 Adhere your painting to the front of your surface using mod podge or glue. Seal with a top coat of mod podge if desired.

STEP 8 Make your bow of choice and add your button or embellishment. I secured mine in the middle with some jute and used that to create my hangar since my cutting board has a hole at the top. If your surface doesn’t have a hole, just secure your bow wherever you please and add a jute hangar to the back.

That’s it! This was so fun to make, and the final result is so darn cute. I hope you’ll give it a try. Have an amazing rest of your day, and keep shining your light for all to see.

With Love ~ Lisa


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