Mimi’s Creative Connection

$18.00 / month


All The Perks Include:

Access to Private Facebook Community

Monthly Printable Bundle

Business Tips

Health, Wellness, & Beauty Tips

Weekly Live Craft & Cooking Tutorial

Guest Presenters

Saturday Coffee and Conversations via Zoom

Monthly Live Prayer Meeting via Zoom

Discounts on Crafting With Mimi Products

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I am so excited to start building this special community.  I have prayerfully and patiently waited on God’s timing for this, so I know it will be a huge blessing for all of us.  I can’t wait to get to know you, and share  special times together crafting, chatting, laughing, learning, praying, and celebrating US.  My prayer is that each of you will experience joy through our interactions every single time we are together.  Lets do this!!

When signing up for the group, you have to enter the same email you use for Facebook.   You will receive an email after you sign up, and it will include a link to follow to get into the group.  It may take a few, so don’t worry if it doesn’t happen immediately.  I have to go in and manually invite you.  If there are issues with the email and facebook communicating, I will have to invite you through the followers list, so make sure your “friends” button on your page is set to PUBLIC until I can invite you that way.  I know its a lot, but these have been an issue, and now we know how to resolve them.


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