My Little Pink Tree

Hello Sweet Friends! 

I wanted to share something that happened the other day when I was in the middle of decorating my little pink tree for the holiday season.   I was prompted to share a few of my thoughts and memories. And no, it’s not just about the tree; there’s a deeper story behind it, I promise.

Now, you might be thinking, “Why on earth a pink tree?” I get it, pink might seem a bit out there, and you might even wonder if I’m trying to relive a childhood fantasy or something. Well, funny you should ask…

See, most people have a favorite color, and if you asked me mine, it’s always been purple. Purple is majestic, it symbolizes royalty, reminding me of our King, Jesus. But the truth is, I also love pink.   It just makes me feel good, cozy, and happy. And here’s another thing: having a pink room was something I always dreamt of as a kid, a teenager, and even now. Surprisingly, it never really struck me to make it happen until recently.

Let me take you back a bit to explain why this matters so much to me. My childhood wasn’t a stroll in the park; it was more like a rollercoaster through a torrential,  never-ending storm.   I grew up with my dad, and my three brothers—no mom in the picture. We moved from one place to another, one relative to the next, even shuffled through a few group homes.   All forms of abuse was a frequent visitor in our lives, and hunger was a constant companion. We were ALWAYS hungry!  We rarely had a vehicle, so we mostly walked everywhere!  Hours on end in every kind of weather!  I don’t even remember where we were going, but we joked about “walking to infinity”!   If we actually had a roof over our heads, there would rarely be furniture.   I got my first bed when I was seven, and, I cherished that thing. I yearned for the frills and pinks that most girls had, but that was just a dream in my world. However, having that bed, even if it was fleeting, meant the world to me, but just when I thought things had changed, boom, off to the next empty place.  I’ll never know why he left everything behind every single time.   

Fast forward to now, and to my point with the pink tree.  I brought up my desire for a pink-themed bedroom to my husband, more jokingly than anything, and to my surprise, his immediate response was “Do it.” That’s all I needed to hear! I went all-out on Black Friday, hitting up the At Home store to bring my pink dream to life. It might sound silly, but that shopping trip was pure joy!  Peering into my basket at all the things made my heart so full!!! 

Writing about this experience brings tears to my eyes. It’s a mix of sadness for the little girl who had nothing, and was robbed of a childhood, but also joy for where I am today. 

Somewhere throughout my journey, I was introduced to Jesus, my Savior and KING!  As I drew nearer to Him, I found healing, forgiveness, and FREEDOM!   He has carried me through those terrible times as a child, all the trials I’ve faced since then,  and has helped me see life in a way I never thought possible.

So, to honor my KING, I am placing a CROWN atop my beautiful pink tree. It’s not just about the tree; it’s about Hope, Healing, and Peace, knowing that no matter what life throws my way, there’s always a chance for something beautiful to bloom.  My sweet friends, He wants to give you the desires of your heart too, whether it be healing, a baby, a spouse, or a pretty pink tree!   Draw near to Him, and see what mean!

With Love,


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11 thoughts on “My Little Pink Tree”

  1. I love your story and yes, you’re right he is our king and without him I would’ve never made it through life my husband and I lost our oldest son almost 10 years ago. We did have 34 years with him but that’s never long enough when you lose a child no matter what age. I still hang his Christmas stocking up every year cause I know he’s here on earth with us in memory. Also, he left us with a beautiful granddaughter, and a very handsome grandson. Thank you for your story and yes it’s bringing me to tears merry Christmas and happy new year and God bless you.

    1. I feel like the standard I’m sorry for your loss isn’t an adequate or even a proper response when losing a child. I will instead say, I’m thankful you had the time you did with him, and SO grateful you have is memory in your heart alongside the heart of Jesus!! Nothing compares. I’m holding you close to me now in a mother to mother embrace! Thank you for opening your heart and sharing your story!

  2. Oh girl, I’m sorry for the sorrow you have been through, but PTL you have overcome. Jesus is the sweetest name I know . My tree in the living room is pink. I’ll send you a picture. I love your testimony . I’m so happy you got your pink tree. We are twinkies now lol.

  3. As a fairly new crafter and follower, I so enjoy your creativity and appreciate your love for the Lord, which comes through on all your videos and posts. Learning your history makes me sad but grateful that you have and continue to grow in love with your family, your followers and in your faith. Joy to you, your little pink tree, and for this wonderful season ahead. Will continue to follow and look forward to the next chapter. Congrats on your blog!

  4. Your trek through a rocky and unstable childhood has given you so many blessings! I see this in your smile and how you create and share. Know that He is a big reason for all you are doing in helping to spread His love through this blog and your videos. I am thankful that you are a sister in Christ.

  5. I really enjoy your crafting talents and your wonderful testimony. Please pray for me. I married a older man and he is not a Christian. There is spiritual warfare in our house. I pray a lot and I have a good supportive church family. It is kinda hard some days. Thanks for being you.

  6. All stories should have a happy ending, even though there isnt an ending, other than when we’re rescued by Jesus! Then we’re given a new beginning! Thank you for bearing your soul. I’m thankful you’ve gotten your pink bedroom, and a beautiful pink tree! Thank you, Jesus!

  7. WOW I love the story! AMEN! GOD IS GOOD. Maybe HE wanted u to suffer to able to learn to create such amazing, beautiful, ART! I told my daughter no good comes without suffering, EVER! Even if get divorce, god still loves u!! I never knew you live such a horrible hard life, I’m so happy your doing well know! Bless S

  8. HELLO it is Susan how do I downlodd the Free printable? I try following your directions and it isn’t happen. Thank you, this is the best free gift I have ever receive!d


    1. Thank you so much. No doubt the hardships I endured shaped me into who I have become. To download the printable, when you see the pop up that has save as, click on that and give it a name. It will save to your phone or computer

  9. What a beautiful story Lisa! I’m not gonna lie, I got chills and tears while reading! You are an incredible person with so much to offer others, I am so happy to know you! <3

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